List of Mini Grants that were awarded in the 2022-2023 school year.

  • $220 for 8th grade Math Class STEM Puzzles and Brainteasers
  • $300 for replacing lost library books
  • $200 for groceries for the Multicultural Potluck
  • $935 for 3 sets of Read Aloud books for 6th grade Science and Social Emotional Learning
  • $825 for an Aquaponics Ecosystem to be used in two 6th grade science units: Plants & Ecosystems
  • $850 for @SquareDancing Dave to come to Rose Hill and teach all PE students square dancing
  • $250 for Special Ed Sensory Equipment and tools for self-regulation
  • $400 for World War II (WWII) Graphic Novels for 8th grade to be used in Social Studies and English
  • $100 for the RH Staff Appreciation Committee to spend on food for the staff

In addition we had some very generous donations:

  • $1,000 for Art club materials donated by a PTSA Member
  • 30 Scientific Calculators for 7th & 8th grade math classes from an anonymous donor

Thank you amazing PTSA Members, for making it possible to provide this level of support for our students and staff.  We would not be able to fund these items without your PTSA Membership and donations!