Join the PTSAThe PTSA offers a variety of simple fundraising options that help support our RHMS community. Thank you for your generous donations and continued support!

If you have fundraising ideas, want to volunteer, or have questions or concerns, please contact our VP of Fundraising.

Fundraising Goals

We fund the programs that PTSA successfully supports each year, such as classroom enrichment "mini-grants,"  academic-related scholarships, the Reflections Contest, Cultural Night, staff appreciation, health screening, replenishing of the emergency preparedness supplies, and the 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony. We hope to continue to add more programs as funding allows.

How You Can Help
You can help by participating in the fundraisers listed below, obtaining company matching funds, making a donation, or volunteering.  Please ask family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and others to participate in our fundraisers. The more funds we collect, the more the PTSA can do for our students.

Join the PTSA

Your membership fee is also a fundraiser. Please refer to our Membership and Student Directory page for enrollment information.


Make a Donation!

Match your donations and/or volunteer hours. If your company matches donations or volunteering hours, don't forget to request those matches. Check out our page with detailed instructions.


Fred Meyer Rewards Card

Earn donations from Fred Meyer with no fees, and you will still earn Gas Rewards, Fuel Points, and Rebates as usual.

Fred Meyer

Pass the Hat

The Pass-The-Hat Fundraiser is a quick and easy fundraiser that runs all year! You simply donate online here or by writing a check to RHMS PTSA and mailing it or dropping it off at the school main office. We are a 501(c)3 organization so donations are tax deductible and eligible for matching funds!


There are two great fundraising organizations at Rose Hill Middle School, PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) and ASB (Associated Student Body), which exist to support our children and pay for many items that are not in the school’s budget.

RHMS PTSA supports primarily academic related funding needs for students and staff such as calculators, school supplies equipment, technology, field trips, instruction, art supplies, and some after-school clubs. PTSA fundraisers and donations are parent-driven. The parents participate in the fundraising efforts and collect the contributions. The fundraising goal for PTSA is primarily accomplished from the Pass-The-Hat fundraiser.

ASB supports funding needs for athletics, after school clubs and extracurricular activities. ASB pays for team uniforms, transportation for students to and from sporting events, sport officials, some after-school clubs, and school dances. ASB fundraisers and contributions are student driven. The students participate in the fundraising efforts and collect the contributions. The fundraising goal for ASB is primarily accomplished through the Fun Run each fall.

Why do students fundraise for ASB and parents for PTSA? ASB and PTSA are separate organizations with different bylaws that allow them to support different funding needs. ASB is district directed and accounted for alongside the school’s budget. Legally, all funding raised by students must go to ASB and therefore fundraising efforts cannot be combined with PTSA.

We are separate groups with the common goal of enhancing our students' middle school experience. Please give generously and participate in both ASB and PTSA fundraising activities throughout the school year.

Thank you for taking the time to help support RHMS PTSA!