Dear RHMS families, 

Welcome to a new school year! 2020-21 is sure to be a year that brings change and challenges for our children – which is why, now more than ever, RHMS PTSA is committed to creating opportunities for community, connection and support for all our families.

PTSA = Prepared, Trusted, Steady, Anchored (i.e. “What stays the same?”)

PTSA will continue to advocate for all children, will continue to share relevant information and will continue to offer helpful resources and programs for our students and families. For example, we still plan to offer a Reflections Art Competition; provide access to a Mini Grant program; cover the cost of student planners and supplement Pantry Packs with fresh fruit.

PTSA = Please Try Something Adventurous. (i.e. “What’s new?”)

In addition, Rose Hill Middle PTSA plans to provide new virtual parent check-ins where parents can chat informally and connect with each other. PTSA has also launched a brand-new Facebook page – check out the QR code on your fridge magnet! You can follow us at for up-to-date info, helpful reminders and links to community resources. 

Of course, our website ( continues to be a place where you can access information and connect with our PTSA board of directors. Right now, our website has helpful links to resources for families who are experiencing hardship; there are links to the recorded LWSD Return to School Information Sessions and there is a link to join PTSA!

PTSA Membership

Membership still costs only $15 per person and is the most impactful way you can show your support this year. PLEASE JOIN TODAY. Thank you.

In closing, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our board members if you have questions. May 2020-21 not just be the year of change and challenges. May it also be the year of grace and grit, care and compassion, resilience and relationships.



Yumna Green


Rose Hill Middle School PTSA 2.8.85