Lake Washington School Foundation needs your support!

Please make a donation to Lake Washington Schools Foundation today, and you will make an impact on over 30,000 kids in LWSD by funding programs such as Balance in Mind, and Pantry Packs, LINKS Lunch Buddy Program, Kids Coming Together, and Find Your Fit. YOUR support will allow us to continue supporting the kids in our community.

Any amount is appreciated. Contribute to our All In For Kids campaign today at

Every day, over 30,000 students in Lake Washington School District are touched by LWSF's programs in some way, whether it be:

  • a student taking home a pantry packs meal for the weekend,
  • a child connecting with an adult mentor who cares about them,
  • a high school student receiving much needed guidance on how to apply for college,
  • a parent receiving advice to support their child's mental health challenges, or
  • a child given the opportunity to make a good friend for the first time .

All of these outcomes (and more!) are happening in our community RIGHT NOW because of Lake Washington School Foundation's vital work. We cannot continue this work without your support. Please consider making a donation at